An essential piece of any kitchen is a well-working kitchen hood. This is particularly valid in the case that you are reliably doing substantial cooking that creates a great deal of smoke. Kitchen hoods, otherwise called vent hoods or range hoods, arrive in a wide range of sizes, styles, outlines, and highlights. In any case, in spite of these unmistakable contrasts, cleaning and keeping up your range hood is fairly comparative over the diverse items and styles and is equally important and significant no matter which variation or design of a kitchen hood you have been using.


One of the most commonly asked questions that we at the Los Angeles Hood Cleaner answer a lot is why do we need to get our kitchen hood cleaned? There is a general misconception that since a kitchen hood is already performing the function of cleaning the atmosphere and the air in a kitchen, it would somehow contain self-cleaning services and would be able to take care of its cleaning and maintenance itself without you having to pay any attention in this regard. However, this convention is nothing more than a false myth.



Once the users of the kitchen hoods realize the importance of getting their kitchen hoods cleaned the first and foremost thing they are concerned about is the frequency at which they should get their hoods cleaned. The number of times you need to get your kitchen hood cleaned and the time period that can easily be spent in between every cleaning session depends on several factors. To name a few:

  • The extent of cooking done in the kitchen.
  • Is the kitchen hood installed in a commercial or a home used kitchen?
  • Are a lot of oily foods and greasy dishes cooked in the kitchen where the hood is installed?

Depending on the answers to these questions, the experts at the Los Angeles Hood Cleaners can help you determine how long you should definitely get your hood cleaned.


There are several options that you can avail when it comes to cleaning of your kitchen hood. You should take care of some things yourself and should hire the Los Angeles Hood Cleaner after a while to get the kitchen hood cleaned and maintained properly and professionally. Some tips and tricks to help you clean the kitchen hood are:

  1. Use a household cleaning spray to clean the surface of the hood.
  2. Make sure to clean the filter of the hood every two weeks.
  3. Check the vent on a regular basis to avoid any clogs or problems.

Since the kitchen hood is already doing a lot of work to maintain a clean and filtered air in your kitchen, therefore, the most attention needs to be paid when it comes to the cleaning of the kitchen hood itself.  Contact us for more details.



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