Kingdom and castles – unique strategy based simulation game available on PC


Description: are you having an interest in playing one of the best board games? Then it is time you need to try kingdom and castles – unique strategy based simulation game available on PC. Here you will get all the latest info and guidance related to this one.

Kingdom and castles game 2018 complete review:

If you have played many other games that involves to grow your city and place because that makes them look realistic and more great, so why not my friends you can Kingdom and castles which is a game that Is all about grow your own personal kingdom from tiny piece of metal and all the way to imposing cities and sprawling castles. The game is set in the Viking era where you must protect your people and village and make a decent approach to solve their problems.

It something that offers players an experience unlike anything they have played, with simple and basic touch that makes you feel the real human in you. This is a chance for all of you to play games and build your own city and run it the way you want it.

How Kingdom and castles game is inspired from?

There are many games that will give the resemblance like this one, probably many of you have played SimCity series, then you can know that this oceanofgames for PC has taken some elements from them and blend it in new way so you can have a successful kingdom and help people from starvation.

What makes Kingdom and castles game concept so much special?

The basic rules of strategy simulation game is that you get to be your own creator and put your imagination to test and make it reality and by playing this amazing title you will be able to achieve great things from securing villages, build strongholds and make your own army to defend the precious place you have made.

Is the game play of Kingdom and castles addictive?

One thing is for sure, players who attempt to play it will never get bored no matter what. The game play is quite simple and strategy based so all the things you do has action f its own and you will get sucked into it more and become addictive which is good thing.

Kingdom and castles game fabulous features to look at:

Before you dive into the game you must need to know the features that will aid you to have best experience in it such as,

1) Improve your town and city to attract new residents all over the world

2) Make all your peasants give tax and to fund your castle

3) Throw parties and come up with your own strategies

4) Perfect visuals and high level of resolution

Kingdom and castles game system requirements you need to see for PC:

Works great with vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 windows (64 bit)

Hard disk: 1 GB

File size: 750 MB

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo with 2.0GHz


Grouping For FIFA Worldcup Russia 2018

As the days of 2018 go by, the excitement and anticipation regarding the FIFA Football tournament are also increasing. It is an established fact that FIFA is one of the most awaited sporting event every four years.

It is such an auspicious and grand event that people from all around the world are united and gathered due to this excitement. Although the tournament itself is held every four years yet the qualifying rounds that are held to qualify the 32 teams in the final round keeps the sporting fans excited during this gap.


Since there is a very the huge number of teams that are competing to claim a place in the final rounds of the FIFA Worldcup, therefore the qualifying matches have to be arranged to shortlist the best teams and give them an opportunity to play in the final rounds. In order to arrange these qualifying matches, the teams are grouped. Similar kind of groups is formed for the Fifa World Cup 2018 Groups.


There are two kinds of groups that are formed:

  1. Groups for the qualifying rounds of the world cup:

This is the first type of group that is formed for the Fifa World Cup 2018 Groups. In this category of groups, the teams from various countries are grouped together according to their competitions and matches in the qualifying rounds.

  1. Groups for the final rounds of the world cup:

Once the qualifying rounds have come to an end, the teams are shortlisted base on the performance of the teams in the qualifying rounds. In these Fifa World Cup 2018 Groups,  the teams that are grouped together will be playing against each other to claim one of the two spots amongst the final teams in the finale of the FIFA Worldcup. These matches between the teams will be continued till only the best two teams will be left.


There are no such criteria for the grouping of the teams. Most of the times, the grouping of the teams is coincidental as a draw is conducted to finalize the groups of the teams that would be playing against one another. There are several draws that have to be conducted in this regard. The first few draws are used as a mean to divide the teams into the qualifying rounds in subsequent groups that would play against each other till some teams are eliminated and only the best ones are left. The subsequent draws are held after the qualifying rounds and are used as a tool to determine which teams will be facing each other during the final of the FIFA tournament.


The total groups that have been finalized after the qualifying rounds for the FIFA world cup Russia 2018 are:

  1. Group A:

Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uruguay

  1. Group B:

Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Iran

  1. Group C:

France: Australia, Peru, Denmark

  1. Group D:

Argentina, Iceland, Croatia, Nigeria

  1. Group E:

Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia

  1. Group F:

Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South Korea

  1. Group G:

Belgium, Panama, Tunisia, England

  1. Group H:

Poland, Senegal, Colombia, Japan

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