You must have seen those attractive pouches and bags in store shelves. Manufacturers use these containers to store a variety of food materials that include prepared food, dairy products, beverages etc. You can get a ถุงซิปล็อค indifferent sizes and shapes. Normally, packaging companies use plastic, paper, metal foils and additives to produce these bags. You can get them as tetrahedron shaped packs, flat bottom stand up pouches, Ziplock flat bottom stand up pouches, Ziplock simple ถุงซิปล็อค, PE bags, canvas bags with zippered bottom and other varieties. You can get these bags in various finishes too such as matte finish, silver back, colored back, gold plated, silver plated, colorless zippered bottom bags etc.

TYPES OF ถุงซิปล็อค

The variety in food packaging is awesome. You can get aseptic cartons, transparent barrier films, Flexible aluminum foil packaging etc. Though there are many other types of pouches, these are the most popular ones.

Aseptic carton

If you need to pack stuff like milk, cheese, wine, juices and things like that safely much like you can keep them in a glass, you need to opt for these cartons. In such packaging the content is heated within the package and later cooled to sterilize the product. Once sealed, the content is safe from light, vapor, bacteria and even aroma. Such packaging enhances the shelf life of extremely perishable items by a considerable period. These cartons have a coating of aluminum foil and plastic which are responsible for much of its qualities.

Transparent barrier films

These packs offer excellent protection from odor and gas.A unique quality of such a ถุงซิปล็อคis that it has uniform wall thickness. You can easily mold these foils into various shapes. The material also offers anti-fog and anti-static properties as well as good sealing strength. You can get transparent, yet high barrier packaging with good mechanical attributes. You can customize these packs too to suit your needs. Usually, you can pack food, personal care products, home care products, pet care products, pet food etc. The packaging companies produce these pouches by metal coating of polythelene terephthalate foils.

Flexible aluminum ถุงซิปล็อค

Manufacturers use flexible aluminum foil packaging more or less for the same purpose as transparent barrier films. However, consumers seem to be more inclined to flexible foil packaging compared to transparent barrier films. This may be because of the ease of packaging. These are available in single layer as well as multiple layers. You can also get them in metal covered multiple layers. Paper, aluminum foils, coatings and plastic are mostly used to produce these pouches. They put up a high barrier against gas, vapour and odor. As a result you can extend the life of food and other products by a considerable extent. Manufacturers mostly use these pouches and packs to pack beverages, snacks, sliced meat, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, pet food, pet supplies etc. However, the growth in such packaging is driven mostly by the demand for packaging cooked or partially cooked food. Like aseptic carton these foil  pouches and bags too can be sterilized and vacuum sealed.